Monday, October 10, 2011

From The Archive: Bear Vs. Shark - Bottom of the Hill 06.21.2005

This week's edition of "From The Archive" contains a show that is evidence of a lot of "firsts" from my taping exploits. This was the first time I taped/filmed a show in San Francisco. First time I ran two cameras and did audio by myself. And the first show I ever did a multi-cam edit on. I actually did a re-master on this show though since I'm not entirely happy with my first attempt at video editing.
The show itself was at one of my favorite venues, Bottom of the Hill in SF. My buddy Justin and I actually filmed a show in Sacramento earlier this day, and booked it over to SF for the show, got lost once we got into the city, and by total luck ended up turning on to the street that Bottom of the Hill is located. SF is the only city I've ever gotten lost in, and it happened at least the first 5 times I was there. Justin was usually the designated filmer when we went to shows together, but he absolutely refused to do anything during BVS shows so he could just lose his mind during the show. When you combine my inexperience filming at this time (I had filmed my first show earlier in the week) with the lower quality cameras we were using at the time, the show doesn't look nearly as good as some of the most recent videos I've done...but it is still a Bear Vs. Shark full set. I hope you enjoy this, and I should have another set from my archives to post next week. Possibly a 2005 Cave In show at Chain Reaction?

Bear Vs. Shark - Bottom of the Hill 06.21.2005

Bear Vs. Shark
Bottom of the Hill
San Fransicso, CA
June 21, 2005

Audio Source: SP-CMC-2 > SPSB-1 > NJB3

Setlist: [38:34]
1. 5, 6 Kids
2. Ma Jolie
3. Entrance of the Elected
4. The Employee Is Not Afraid
5. Don't Tell the Horses the Stable's On Fire
6. broken bass pedal
7. Seven Stop Hold Restart
8. Six Bar Phrase Hey Hey
9. The Great Dinosaurs With Fifties Section
10. Song About Old Roller Coaster
11. Buses/No Buses 

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