Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Krazy Fest re-cap

I got back home from Krazy Fest late last night. Trying to organize everything that I recorded over the weekend, and will hopefully be uploading videos in a day or two, and will probably take me a couple weeks (at least) to get everything done. I may not be updating this blog as quickly as the video sets go up, so if you aren't already, it is probably a good idea to subscribe to my youtube channel here if you are in a hurry to see anything in particular.

Here is a list of everything that I recorded in Louisville, and I'll try to cross stuff off as I finish them.

2011.05.19 - Cahoots (Audio + Video)
Trap Them (partial video)

2011.05.20 - Krazy Fest Day 1

(Audio + Video):
Small Brown Bike
Tigers Jaw
Bane (partial video, full audio) [HD]
Self Defense Family

(Audio only):
Against Me! (partial)
Moving Mountains

2011.05.21 - Krazy Fest Day 2

(Audio + Videos):
Cave In
Hot Water Music
Title Fight
Touche Amore [HD]
La Dispute
Make Do And Mend
Lemuria (partial audio and video)
Former Thieves
Pianos Become the Teeth [HD]
Hostage Calm (partial video, full audio) [HD]

2011.05.21 post-fest strip club show

(Audio only/scaled down rig):
Make Do and Mend
Self Defense Family

2011.05.22 Krazy Fest Day 3

(Audio + Video):
Dave Hause (partial audio/video) [HD]
Jonah Matranga main set (partial audio/video) [HD]
Jonah Matranga picnic set (partial audio/video)
Daytrader [HD]

(Audio only):
Bouncing Souls (partial)
Coalesce (partial)
Hot Rod Circuit

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