Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This will be my third attempt at starting one of these, but hopefully this one will stick. The plan is to use this place to share the various recordings I make, ideally not too long after the events happen. I'm still working on audio from Sound & Fury last July, so we'll see how well that works out. I'm planning on bringing out some of my favorites from "the archives" as well; shows that I think should be heard by someone other than myself. I'd like to do this with my pre-youtube video as well, but am still trying to figure out a economical way to reconfigure my transferring setup because it is a pain to just keep up as it is.

Expect the first audio content next week; there is a *free* show on Sunday that I should be able to make it down to LA. However, the video camera will be left at home. The first video content will be from the Joyce Manor record release show on the 15th with Touche Amore/Deafheaven/Low Places.

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